Cue Tool


Cue Tool aims to be the most comprehensive application for Pool, Snooker & Billiards players.

Designed with both Beginners and League Players in mind.
Quite simply: if you play Pool… you need Cue Tool!

Feature Highlights

  • Concise, easy-to-read rules to NINE cue sport games, including:
    • 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Killer, Speed Pool, Straight Pool, Snooker & more!
  • FIVE essential tools (so far):
    • Coin Toss, Shot Timer, Scoreboards, Speedball Timer
  • Pocket Reference:
    • Pool Coach, Glossary, Tips & Tricks
  • More features yet to come…

Features In Depth

Game Rules
Concise rules to seven Pool games (plus rules for Snooker and 3-Cushion Billiards), you will never be in doubt what your next move should be with Cue Tool.

Coin Toss
Decide who breaks-off with a fully 3D-rendered coin flip tool.

Shot Timer
A 60-second shot timer, which gives a subtle (vibration) warning at 30-second mark. Very useful for League Players where timed shots are common.

Keep score with an easy to use, general purpose scoreboard tool.
Capable of scores up to 3-digits, perfect for Straight Pool or Snooker.

Killer Scoreboard
Manage Killer Pool games with ease. No chalkboards needed when you can keep track of unlimited player lives, right in the palm of your hands. Shuffle player order and restart games instantly!

SpeedPool Timer
A stopwatch specifically designed for Speed Pool. Scores saved to a highscore table and even caters for time penalties automatically!

Pool Coach
Step-by-step lessons from Beginner-level to Advanced.

Extensive glossary of cue sport terms with quick index, hyperlinks and search capabilities.

Tips & Tricks
Give yourself the edge with tips and tricks to various Pool games.

Useful Links
A collection of useful bookmarks to various sites in the world of cue sports.

All this for less than the price of a game of Pool!

Download it now from the Android Market

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