Talking Timer – Custom Speaking Timer


Talking Timer is a FREE, clean, easy to use, customisable Timer with text to speech (TTS) interval alerts.

This Chrome App was born out of necessity for a simple timer that would notify me at various intervals during a countdown. I developed this app specifically for use while creating digital paintings as part of a Daily Spitpaint challenge (time-limited to 30mins).

Feeling that this app could be useful to others, I decided to make it customisable for all purposes.  So for example, at the 30sec mark, it could say:
Now write your signature!


• Clean and easy to use

• Customisable timer duration

• Customisable Text to Speech (TTS) alerts at specific intervals

• Can be easily “pinned” to the Taskbar (Windows) or Dock area (Mac)

• Option to keep application always on top of other windows

How to get it

You can download Talking Timer for FREE now from the Chrome Web Store.