Cue Tool is the most comprehensive "multi-tool" for pool players available. With concise, easy-to-read rules to nine cue sport games (inc. seven pool variants), Cue Tool is already superb value for money. But the key features come from its five essential tools for everyday cue sport use, including a Killer Scoreboard, Speedpool Timer and much more!

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Cue Tool as a Reference

With concise rules to seven Pool games (plus rules for Snooker and 3-Cushion Billiards), you will never be in doubt what your next move should be with Cue Tool…

Cue Tool as a Utility

Five tools in one (so far!). Including: Coin Flip, Shot Timer, Glossary, Speed Pool Timer, Killer Scoreboard. With more planned in future releases…

Cue Tool for League Players

Cue Tool is was designed with league players in mind. Concise game rules to settle disputes. Valuable tools such as Shot Timer, Scoreboard and much more…


Cue ToolIf you play Pool, you’ve come to the right place.  We have recently released our first Android application called Cue Tool. Cue Tool aims to be the most comprehensive application for Pool, Snooker & Billiards players.

Features include: Concise, easy-to-read rules to nine cue sport games, five essential tools that you didn’t know you needed! Designed with both Beginners and League Players in mind.  Quite simply: if you play Pool… you need Cue Tool!

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