Scoreboard change break per frame?
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Scoreboard change break per frame?
ID: 412      Status: Planned      Version: 1.0.6      Report Date: August 2, 2013      Product: Cue Tool

Just noticed the break switches every time the game won button is pressed.

I use the app for English pool. I use the bigger numbers to count the number of frames won, and the smaller number to count the sets won. This means the break indicator switches after every set instead of every frame

A option in the settings to allow the break to change every frame instead of set I’m sure would be hugely appreciated by everyone

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  • Good idea! (Think I meant for this to be the functionality by default!) :)

    Either way, having it as a configurable option (like you say) sounds like the best approach, to be the most flexible.

    Will look to include this change in an upcoming release.

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