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Cue Tool Lite for Windows

Today marks the release of a FREE application, Cue Tool Lite!

Cue Tool Lite is a Windows application that combines two of Cue Tool‘s best features into one simple, easy to use application.  Cue Tool Lite consists primarily of a 60-second Shot Timer, but also integrates a Player Scoreboard as well.

Cue Tool Lite was initially developed to assist on Tournament nights for our own league games, but quickly realised that others could benefit from such an application.  While Cue Tool for mobile devices has many more tools & features, it is only really aimed to a single user.  Whereas Cue Tool Lite allows players and spectators alike to know how many seconds remain and what the score is at all times.


Player Scoreboard

Simple to use;  enter players names, control scoring via mouse or keyboard.

Shot Timer

60-second shot timer, which can be easily controlled using the buttons provided (Start/Pause/Resume/Reset).  The shot timer changes colour at pre-determined intervals (30 secs, 10 secs).


One of the coolest features of Cue Tool Lite is the lock-mode, which allows you to easily use a wireless mouse as a remote control for the Shot timer. Lock-mode “locks” the mouse cursor in place, allowing you (as a referee, for example) to stand away from the laptop and close to the game table and still have full control of the application.


Download Cue Tool Lite

Cue Tool (Lite) v1.2 (07/05/2012)

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