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Cue Tool updated to v1.0.6

Cue ToolA new version of Cue Tool is now available. This resolves a few issues (including compatibility with Android 4.0), but also delivers a new feature!

Pool Coach offers step-by-step lessons, ranging from Beginner-level to Advanced.  With detailed table diagrams to guide you every step of the way.  Currently Pool Coach offers five lessons, but this will hopefully grow in time.

If you have any particular lessons that you would like to see in the Pool Coach feature, please let me know.

Changes in v1.0.6:
ADD: “Pool Coach” – Five step-by-step lessons from Beginner-level to Advanced (more to come)
ADD: Added new sites to the Useful Links
FIX: Missing rules images on Android 4.0 (ICS) devices
FIX: Suspend/Resume no longer clears Scoreboard data
FIX: Optimised Rules/Tips layout on small screens
CHG: Most used items longer wait for usage in all sections
CHG: Optimised images to reduce application size

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